Housing Services


Front Desk

Vacuums, plungers and other items are available for use by signing them out at the Front Desk. You must present valid photo ID to sign out equipment. These items are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are limited in quantity.

Our laundry room is available to students 24 hours a day. With energy-saving, front-loading washers and dryers, students are able to load up their card right in the laundry room — no more fumbling around for change.



NVIT Student Housing is proud to offer housekeeping services for the common areas of the building like common kitchen, lounge, washrooms and stairways. In order to maintain a safe, sanitary and clean living space, students are asked to ensure they are maintaining their room. Should your suite be deemed unsanitary, you will receive a warning to clean your suite within 24 hours. Save space in your packing and borrow a variety of cleaning tools available to housing at the Front Desk, such as a vacuum, broom or mop. Students who do not comply with the housekeeping requirements could be subject to a fine.



Our maintenance staff takes great pride in ensuring that the building always meets our high standards. They are willing to assist with anything in your suite or the building that may be in poor condition, needs fixing or repair. We encourage you to contact your housing coordinator and make a maintenance requisition.



Our laundry room is furnished with state-of-the-art washers and dryers. The machines are card operated, not coin operated. Laundry cards can be purchased form the machine in the laundry room. This machine is also where you can load money onto your new laundry card, using cash, debit, or credit. Each time you do a load of washing or drying, the machines will deduct money from your card. We just ask that students clean the lint trap before and after every load in the dryer and be a considerate students by refraining from using all the washers and dryers at one time. As well, do not leave your clothes in the machine past the end of the cycle. Please note that the Housing is not responsible for lost or stolen items of laundry left unattended.



All Students parking on campus is free (until further notice), NVIT Housing is not responsible for any lost and damage to the car.